Executive happy with the compliance at his hospital

Pioneering Compliance

Uppercentile is here to guide you through the compliance journey, ensuring safer, more secure healthcare experiences for everyone involved.

The Uppercentile Approach

Regulatory Precision

"Clear, Relevant Compliance Guidance"
We sift through complex regulations to give you clear, relevant insights, making compliance simpler and more manageable.


"Unveiling Essential and Insightful Data for your Care Practice"
We base our strategies on solid data and research, delivering practical insights that are specifically tailored to your needs.

Proactive Engagement

"Stay Ahead with Proactive Adaptation"
We help you stay ahead of changing regulations by providing the knowledge and tools you need to adapt quickly and effectively.

Facts & Figures


In potential annual savings per hospital.*


The number of FTEs potentially reallocated once Rule Navigation is adopted.


Hours, on average, studying a new regulatory rule to gain deeper insights.

* Assuming an average-sized hospital (~160 beds) with an annual spend of $7.8M in compliance tasks.

In the Press

"Regulations don't always keep up with technology, so it's important for organizations to do their due diligence and keep an eye on how AI is being used right now."

“The firm continues to break ground in the healthcare space with this latest offering. Uppercentile remains steadfast in its goal to simplify complex healthcare intelligence.”

"Many big decisions are still based on outdated data, bias, marketing, and inflated claims rather than real market insights or true service capabilities."

“Uppercentile's health equity pledge demonstrates its dedication to improving health outcomes and reducing disparities in healthcare.”